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Sit Stand Desks

The ERDS1-01B adjustable height desk with wireless and wired charging connections wins the Best of CES 2023.

Upgrade your workstation with the Adjustable Height Sit Stand Desk with charging ports and experience the benefits of an active work style while keeping your devices charged and ready to use.

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Tabletop TV Stands

Tabletop TV Stands offer Mount-Like Features without mounting.

Tabletop TV Stands can provide swivel, height adjustment, concealed wiring, room for a soundbar, and are easier than a mount to install.

These products allow a bigger TV to be placed on existing furniture by reducing the base footprint of the TV. They are also perfect for use in places where mounting is not an option, such as dorm rooms, rentals, or apartments.

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AV Furniture

Furniture enhances your room and provides additional storage.

AV Furniture should be functional while complimenting the décor of a room. A key consideration is the size and positioning of audio video components for the best user experience.

AV furniture should also allow for wire management and proper device cooling so that performance and longevity is not compromised.

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Speaker Stands

Our Speaker Stands add dimension to your music.

Speakers Stands properly position speakers at your ear level increase the clarity of the speaker.  Speaker stands also couple the speaker to the floor which increase the base response of the speaker.

Speaker Stands can offer adjustable height, leveling bases, cable management and floor spikes to allow your speakers to make the best possible sound field.

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Tilt Mounts

Tilt Mounts are the easiest Adjustable Mounts to install.

Tilt Mounts allow for mounting higher than normal eye level. The tilt feature can be used to reduce glare from windows and other light sources.

These products are perfect for situations where the TV must be positioned higher than usual on a wall. They are the most cost-effective mounting product with adjustment features.

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Motion Mounts

Motion Mounts are the most flexible of all TV Mounts.

Motion Mounts extend out from the wall to improve TV positioning for multiple seating areas in a room. The extension can also provide easier access to connections.

These products are perfect for use in large rooms and open concept floor plans. They are designed to offer the most viewing flexibility including swivel, tilt, and leveling features.

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Motion mount with TV extended from the wall
Ceiling mount with TV attached in a business setting

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling Mounts are problem solvers.

Ceiling Mounts are a good solution for rooms with many windows or exposed brick features. They are one of the best ways to position a TV in the center of a room.

These products are perfect for gyms and other spaces that require non-standard TV mounting. They provide features including height adjustment, leveling, and swivel.

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Desk Mounts

Desk Mounts increase your desk space and productivity.

A monitor mount is a supportive bracket or arm designed to hold a computer monitor, laptop, notebook, or other display above a desk.

Desk mounts can offer adjustable height, swivel, and tilt to configure the best possible viewing angle for your workspace.

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Dual arm desk mount holding monitors
Large LED TV on TV Cart in a conference room

TV Carts

TV Carts make your videos mobile.

TV carts are mobile stands that support TVs or Large Computer Monitors as well as other components.

They are designed to be easily pushed or pulled from one space to another for convenient portability without being limited to one room.

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RV Mounts

RV Mounts are designed specifically for recreational vehicles.

Mounting a TV in an RV is a specialized task. Unlike a house, RVs lack the same stability as a structure.

An RV mount needs to hold the TV securely, even when the RV is moving. These mounts are designed with special wall plates that incorporate security locks for peace of mind.

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TV mounted inside an RV